Comprehensive Guide on Corporate Governance

August 29, 2021 , Business Associations

The Business to Business Directory provides information on more than 150 organizations. Provides links to the major business organizations, indicating that members accept U.S. corporations as members. Identifies the major roles of these organizations and to what extent they affect government policy. It provides the latest news and business developments from different regions, sectors, and countries. Gives information on the members of business to business councils and governing bodies of leading business organizations. The publication covers all aspects of business, with special emphasis on the U.S. business environment and the structure of the American business to provide information on the impact of the global economy on the United States.

Considered as an authoritative reference, this directory provides a comprehensive view of world business and the environment. It provides information on global economics, political and business organization management, and sustainability. It discusses issues important to the competitive advantage of the United States and emphasizes U.S. global competitiveness. Furthermore, it provides a concise overview of sustainability practices for companies in the United States and throughout the world. It also discusses issues concerning government policy, such as corporate responsibility, procurement and cost control, and government regulation of business.

Considered an authoritative source, this directory provides an in-depth summary of world business and its implications for the United States. It presents data on world business and the business to business associations, identifying the gaps in trade. It provides an assessment of the barriers facing the American business to business. Consistently, it underlines the need for effective strategies for financing and risk management. In addition, it discusses issues including public-private sector cooperation, regulatory reform, globalization, technology transfer, and alternative energy.

Considered an authoritative source for research studies on sustainable development, this directory provides the most comprehensive and timely information on the topics of sustainable development, environmental policy, and global economic policy. It presents an analysis of the trends and challenges facing businesses in today’s global economy. It discusses issues regarding corporate social responsibility and government regulation of businesses. This directory presents inclusive business community activities and strategies to promote and coordinate a strong business environment.

Relating to governmental priorities, this comprehensive treatise on corporate governance provides a unique contribution to the study of governmental policy. The treatise provides a unique contribution to the study of governmental policy, examining the interrelations between national, regional, and local governments. It helps to design and develop the policies necessary to implement and manage sustainable development.

Considered the definitive reference on international corporate sustainability, this directory provides comprehensive reports and profiles on over 100 global corporations and over 200 countries. The key areas of focus include business culture, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, leadership, global economy, and environmental policy. In addition, the directory provides comprehensive profiles on over 250 experts in key fields, including economists, political scientists, development specialists, and sustainability managers. All the profiles and reports are accompanied by ample references. Business Association, Business Directory, and Business Superstar are trademarks of SOS Publishing, a division of International Courier Group Limited (ICG), a company of New Zealand.